Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Keeps Restaurant Open

Case Study


The owners of a local restaurant wanted to sell the business but knew they needed to increase revenues to make the business appealing for prospective buyers. They wanted to attract new customers to try the restaurant to meet their lead generation goals and needed to focus on customer retention and reactivation efforts to get their existing customers to return.


PIP created a multi-channel marketing campaign that involved creating and producing direct mail, signs, menus, a print ad and gift certificate. The direct mail postcards contained discount coupons and were also used as handouts at local food shows. Both the lunch menu and dinner menu were completely redesigned. To entice customers to return, PIP created a small card containing a personal thank you message from the manager with an offer of 10% off on their next visit. Gift cards were also designed for customers to purchase and pass along to potential new customers.


The restaurant owners were pleased with all of the newly implemented marketing efforts that PIP created and developed, which increased their revenues and ultimately helped them meet their goal of selling the business.

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