Message Communicated Effectively With Signs by PIP

Case Study


Our client is one of the largest lab testing companies in the world. For nearly two years the company had been planning an important event to educate executives, managers and employees about key changes at the company’s patient service centres in regards to how specimens were to be handled and shipped. They came to us for materials and event support to help them communicate this critical and sensitive project to their entire staff.


PIP created multiple event support materials such as large vinyl signs, tabletop signs, postcards and other materials. We worked closely with the entire project team at the company, almost on a daily basis leading up to the event, to develop and finalize messaging and graphic design direction. The company’s event was held at an offsite location. The entire area was decorated with the vinyl signs, collateral materials and large photo signs on vinyl that served as a backdrop, all of which PIP produced.


The event was a tremendous success for our client. The company’s project manager reported that the signs and materials PIP created were instrumental in helping them educate everyone about the planned changes that were going to take place in the company’s processes.

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