Many Goals Achieved With Simple Direct Mail Program

Case Study


The owner of an exterminating company wanted to increase sales and expand his customer base by reaching out to new market areas. He also wanted to better organize his business processes to help with customer reactivation and customer retention.


PIP developed a comprehensive direct mail programthat included graphic design services, list acquisition, and mailing services. After purchasing a qualified mailing list for the client, PIP designed a postcard and initiated three separate mailings together totaling about 45,000 pieces. To support the regional direct mail program, PIP also designed vinyl car graphics. And, to help the client with his organisation goals, PIP created new customer contracts, invoices, estimates and proposal forms.


The client’s sales increased after each mailing and he was able to meet his goal of increasing his customer base. His car graphics were being noticed around town. In addition, this client was better organized now that he had the proper business forms in place, which helped improve his record keeping, customer reactivation and customer retention.

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