Small Business Grows With Direct Mail

Case Study


Our customer had just purchased an existing pest exterminating company. He was concerned because the company had only a small, local customer base and minimal sales. He came to us to help him meet his goal of increasing sales by expanding his customer base to a larger demographic area.


Our recommendation included a 10,000-piece direct mail programthat would be staggered over a 3-month period so as to not overload the company’s sales force. The design on the postcard was simple, but attention grabbing, with small bug images looking like they were crawling on the piece. Using advanced mailing software combined with our skilled production staff; we were able to set up and print the postcards with bar codes in one pass, saving our customer money.


Each postcard mailing received more than a 1% response and 50% of respondents became new customers. Delighted with the results of the mailing program, our client elected to continue it and asked us to produce another 10,000 postcards.

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