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PIP Printing and Marketing is a business-to-business print-on-demand company operating two London branches in Mayfair and Marylebone. Its services range from full colour lithographic and digital printing and its applications, a graphic design service and a full range of finishing, including binding, foiling, laminating, embossing, scoring, numbering and padding. The varied client base includes local, national and international businesses, organisations and charities. PIP employs eleven people.

Much of the old printing technology is unkind to our environment with the necessary use of chemicals, solvents and water in the processes, and this was an important part in our decision to invest in Waterless Printing Technology. Our new DI (direct imaging) press enables us to combine innovation and technology to give us a leadership position in our industry. This process is clean, quick, produces better quality and consistency and increases our productivity and efficiencies resulting in faster turnaround, improved quality, less wastage and, with the use of vegetable based inks, make this a more "Eco Friendly" environment. Coupled with some of the latest energy saving technology in toner and ink based production printer/copiers gives us the speed, accuracy and reliability required to meet our client's targets.

We have all become aware of the need to respect our delicately balanced atmosphere and our individual and collective impact on the environment. At PIP we are committed to innovative sustainability practices and changing the way we do business to preserve natural resources, by reducing waste and working with our partners to ensure a "chain of custody". To help and guide us in this we are now part of Carbon Smart's Certification process. Following a survey of our premises in June 2011. Carbon Smart provided PIP with a Carbon Footprint and an environmental assessment. See Table 3.

Table 3

Carbon Smart identified a number of energy and resource inefficiencies. PIP's carbon footprint is 19.0 CO2e (Equivalent to 104 London double decker buses by volume) and intend to reduce our carbon footprint by 5% in the first year and has initiated a Carbon Reduction Programme. An Action Plan has been established as a 'greenprint' of our commitment and intentions with the following objectives:

  1. Identify the key areas as major components of PIP's Carbon Footprint ? Electricity, Waste Management, Water, Company Vehicle and their impact on the environment.
  2. Reduce our Carbon Footprint by 15% over 3 years, and establish half yearly reviews to monitor progress.
  3. Investigate and implement ways to become more energy and resource efficient within financial constraints.
  4. Adhere to our obligations under statutory and compliancy regulations.
  5. Form partnerships with all stakeholders, staff, suppliers and clients to communicate our intentions for mutual benefits.
  6. To identify new technology and use where applicable and practical.
  7. Improve accuracy and quality of data collected for more accurate reporting.
  8. Continue to identify potential suppliers and use those that have sound environmental policies and certified chain of custody.

PIP believes that all staff need to take 'ownership' of the policy and contribute to its implementation when and where appropriate. Mark Winter and David Price will co-ordinate the application of the policy and facilitate the necessary documentation. Tony Spikins as Managing Director will oversee in conjunction with each staff member to achieve our objectives and reduce our carbon footprint.


Tony Spikins
30 June 2011

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